Emerald’s Powertrain team specialise in engine applications for hybrid vehicles and have expertise in design and development of:

  • Fuel systems
    • The team has experience in vented and pressurised fuel tank design & development including carbon canister, system components, low-volume, low-cost tooling to high-volume manufacturing
  • Exhaust
    • Design and development experience of the entire exhaust system, working with suppliers around the world to produce cost-effective designs to suit the customer
  • Thermal management
    • Hybrid vehicles have multiple cooling systems that are more complex compared to standard vehicles, often with four individual circuits interlinked by heat exchangers, chillers and various valves with bypass circuits and radiators. The team has successfully designed and developed these systems to meet the demanding requirement of these hybrid applications
  • Engine application
    • Experienced in all forms of automotive installations from conventional engine & gearbox, to range extender with Crank Integrated Starter Generator
  • Air intake system
  • System selection, simulation and specification
    • System layout and design combined with 1D hydraulic flow analysis provides early specification of components to be developed and requirements supplied to manufactures. Prototype components can then be verified utilising a dynamic boxcar that provides early system performance and refinement ahead of prototype full vehicle builds, reducing the risk to the project
  • Component and rig testing
    • Experienced in managing suppliers from around the world to ensure proficient component and rig test completion, as well as managing vehicle application test and validation programmes


Emerald specialises in delivering very compressed programmes, working with global suppliers to deliver on time and on budget, supporting the entire process from start to finish. Examples of programmes that have been completed:

  • t-001 using Ford diesel engine as a range extender (prototype commercial vehicle)
  • LEVC TX and LCV using the 3-cylinder engine as a range extender
  • Prototype 35DV using 4-cylinder powertrain in three variants: 2WD, 4WD & parallel hybrid

TX has been well received in the market; press have commented specifically on the powertrain refinement and absence of noise in the passenger compartment.

Powertrain 2.jpg
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