Emerald Automotive Design Ltd (EAD) is a full spectrum vehicle design and engineering company specialising in low volume electric and hybrid vehicles. The company was established in 2010 by our founder Andy Tempest, who gathered a team of highly experienced professionals with a proven pedigree in light-weighting and electrification from several specialist vehicle manufacturers such as Lotus, McLaren, Tesla and Aston Martin. EAD is headquartered in Coventry, with facilities in Essex, USA, Sweden and China.

EAD is unique as it retains the ability to work on projects external to the Geely Group, whilst being able to integrate the parent-company’s systems and technologies from some of the most advanced vehicles in the world (such as active safety, electric and hybrid architectures, autonomous driving). Consequently, EAD can design and develop new-energy vehicles from concept to full production implementation. Everything the company designs has the production solution in mind to ensure efficiency, cost control and timing.

EAD has a team of over 250 staff across a range of disciplines in design, engineering, quality, manufacturing, purchasing and programme management.

EAD is accredited to ISO 9001:2015.


Battery-Powered Electric Vehicle expertise

The EAD Electrical and Integration teams have experience developing a variety of hybrid and electric vehicles, integrating multiple architectures to new platforms and products. This knowledge places EAD at the forefront of real-world implementation of battery powered vehicles.

Lightweight, Multi-Material expertise

The EAD Body Engineering team is experienced in four key attributes of body design: light-weighting, designing low investment body structures (both tooling and infrastructure), meeting the highest industry standards (e.g. crashworthiness), and being fast to market (typically from concept to start of production in around 30 months).


The team’s experience ensures full body solutions are delivered that support either complete new platform developments or platform shared applications.

The Body Engineering team have experience of full programme delivery, meeting customer expectations by defining and evaluating all the primary concepts, leading component testing, and defining the full vehicle testing requirements to industry extreme limits.

As an example, the LEVC TX eCity programme resulted in a solution that is low investment (including plant) by using a hot cure bonded frame, comprising an extruded lower structure and a pressed upper structure. Body in White (BIW) parts are anodised for bonding integrity and corrosion resistance, but no full body E-Coating is required. The hot cure build process results in a structure with only 700 fasteners – by comparison, a recently launched high-volume aluminium-structured SUV from another manufacturer has around 3,300 such fasteners.

This strategy for body structure came from a comprehensive analysis of available body construction methods and was selected as the optimum solution for volumes up to 10,000 vehicles per year.

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Geely Group – Access to Technology

Emerald Automotive is a wholly owned subsidiary of Zhejiang Geely Holdings Group Ltd. With total operating revenues of $15 billion, Geely has an annual production capability of over 1,250,000 vehicles. Geely sells its brands globally and its shares are listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (stock code 175). The Holding Group has a large, international footprint with over 70,000 employees globally. Geely Holding Group includes globally recognisable brands such as the Volvo Car Corporation, the London Electric Vehicle Company (formerly the London Taxi Company), and Lynk & Co., as well as significant stakes in Lotus and Proton, and minority stakes in Daimler AG and Volvo Trucks.

Geely is a progressive Chinese company that uniquely acquires overseas automotive companies and then directly invests to develop the brands and intellectual property for global growth. To enter the European market, Geely bought the Volvo Car Corporation in 2010 for $2.5 billion from Ford and has further investment plans in Sweden for new vehicle platforms and intellectual property of over $10 billion. In 2013, Geely acquired the London Taxi Company – now the London EV Company – and has invested over $300 million to develop an all new ‘London’ taxi for global distribution with assembly plants in the UK and China.

Background on brand acquisitions:

  • The Volvo Car Corporation, acquired by Geely in 2010, is one of the automotive industry’s strongest brands producing 600,000 premium vehicles per annum, with a long and proud history of world-leading innovations. Founded in Gothenburg, Sweden in 1927, Volvo Cars manufactures and markets crossover SUVs, estates, saloons and hatchbacks. With approximately 2,300 local dealers from around 100 national sales companies worldwide, Volvo Cars' largest markets are the United States, Sweden, China and Belgium. Volvo Cars has long been respected for its reputation for solidity and reliability and has been at the forefront of safety engineering since foundation. Major investment has been spent in Sweden to grow production, with new factories currently being opened in China and the USA to serve the global market, in addition to the plants in Belgium and Malaysia.
  • The London EV Company – previously the London Taxi Company – acquired by Geely in 2013, is the leading global manufacturer and retailer of fully accessible, purpose-built London taxis. The company is universally acknowledged for creating the famous Black Cab, now an international icon. LEVC has two manufacturing plants: one in the United Kingdom and one in China. The company prides itself on the instantly recognisable and robust design of the Black Cab, renowned for its ability to cover hundreds of thousands of miles during a lifetime of use. The company is currently developing a zero-emission light van for other urban commercial applications.
  • Lotus Cars was acquired by Geely in 2017, as the Group’s first foray into sports cars. With a heritage going back to 1952 and legendary car designer Colin Chapman, Lotus is internationally an iconic brand both on the road and at the race track. The company is renowned for building lightweight vehicles with a focus on handling, having designed many iconic vehicles over the past 60+ years including the Seven, Elan, Esprit and Elise. Geely will be building on the heritage and specialist engineering expertise as it expands the Lotus vehicle line-up in the future.
  • Emerald Automotive has assembled a global automotive management and engineering team with extensive knowledge and experience in bringing new vehicles to market. Emerald Automotive has designed a range of vehicles including a variety of commercial vehicles specifically as range-extended electric vehicles, using a lightweight construction design to avoid compromising on vehicle packaging, load space and payload.
  • LEVC USA – previously Emerald Automotive LLC – is Geely’s US brand, developing specialist commercial vehicles for specific applications. The company has developed a delivery vehicle to meet a customer’s stringent requirements in terms of dimensional specifications, performance and durability.