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As part of the overall Manufacturing Engineering capability within EAD, the team can deliver all aspects of vehicle assembly facility planning and construction. This includes:

  • Site planning from the very earliest stage
  • Specification and selection of a suitable site
  • Working with construction partners for the specification, design and construction of new production buildings when required
  • Complete facility layout development
  • Specification, sourcing, installation and commissioning of all process tooling and equipment.

Facilities developed for vehicle manufacture are designed based on several critical technical and business parameters. These include the detailed technical make-up of the products to be manufactured, the agreed work-split between supply chain partners and in-house manufacture and the intended volumes and complexity of the products to be produced.

The Manufacturing Engineering team therefore begins its work by fully understanding the business factors such as the production volume and by working as part of the engineering team defining the product and process. These inputs lead in turn to the definition of all requirements for the production facility.



The team has recently completed the production facility for the new London Taxi for LEVC at Ansty Park in Coventry. This project encompassed the complete construction of the facility along with the installation of all tooling and equipment systems.

For the 35DV project, EAD has planned a complete new production facility in the USA. Detailed analysis was performed to select the location for the facility and the layouts and specification completed to a concept level, suitable for initial costing.