Emerald’s Electric Propulsion Systems team has a proven track record in delivering safe, reliable and durable solutions to market using Geely Group technologies:

  • System specification, simulation and parts selection
  • Installation and mounting systems
  • Component, system and vehicle testing
  • Calibration and attribute development (EMC, driveability, NVH, performance and economy enhancement) for hybrid and range-extended electric drive systems
  • Advanced development of battery electric and hybrid systems for next generation of existing product portfolio, with focus on cost reduction and performance improvement

Capabilities and Expertise

Electric propulsion system expertise gained across several vehicle programmes, including:

  • Packaging expertise for HV battery, inverters, drive motor, on-board chargers and HV distribution and cabling
  • Development of functionality and calibrations that support driveability and economy enhancement.
  • Simulation based development
  • Comprehensive validation to ensure maximum reliability for customers. Focus on all aspects from user interface through to real world in-market testing
  • Close collaboration with suppliers and Geely Group partners to improve existing parts and keep abreast of new innovations
  • Compliance with evolving standards
  • Supplier support and peer review capabilities
  • Cost and complexity reduction expertise
TX5-charge image-1.jpg


Emerald t-001 system used a small diesel range extender with a custom-developed propulsion system. 

TX and LCV extended-range electric drive system co-developed with Volvo based on:

  • GEP3 1.5l engine with 60kW generator
  • 31 kWh battery based on LG Chem P30 cell
  • Uprated SPA rear axle drive
  • Modified Volvo control system

35DV system based on Volvo XC90 parallel hybrid that was designed and built within 12 months and passed customer durability testing. 

Development of a variant of the TX EPS system to meet China GBT standards.