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Emerald’s Chassis Engineering group has breadth and depth of experience and expertise in the delivery of chassis systems, across products ranging from passenger cars and sports utility vehicles through to commercial vehicles as goods or people carriers.

This covers all aspects of the engineering task from concept to production solutions for the different chassis systems:

  • Frames, Suspensions & Axles
  • Steering, Wheels & Tyres
  • Foundation Braking & Electronic Stability Control
  • Regenerative Braking & Advanced chassis electronic control systems
  • Active safety and collision avoidance systems

The team can lead or support the design and development process as applicable and takes an integrated analysis-based approach to optimise the performance, through the design, development and certification phases of a project.


Capabilities and Experience

  • Market benchmarking, system requirements capture and vehicle attribute definition
  • Advanced technology feasibility studies and concept investigation
  • Vehicle architecture and platform concept definition, system layout and vehicle hard points specification
  • Steering and brake system sizing and layout
  • Attribute focussed detailed component / system design and development in CAD and considering DFMEA, DVP and DFA
  • Supplier management to deliver chassis electronic control systems meeting vehicle manufacturer functionalities and requirements
  • Vehicle CAE-based virtual testing and development for dynamics, loads, strength and durability including whole vehicle dynamics modelling and Elasto-Kinematic simulation in ADAMS


TX front suspension and steering design capable of 64° steering angle to achieve Transport for London turning requirements of less than 8.535 meters between parallel vertical planes.

35DV programme developed suspension, brakes and controls setup for prototype vehicles with minimal mule development, released and used safely and reliably by field operators within 1 year.

First application of Autonomous Emergency Braking in the TX Sector.