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The Interiors team are experienced and can deliver all aspects of new product development.

The team focus on the following key attributes:

  • Lightweight design & manufacture
  • Product quality and programme delivery
  • Efficient investment to suit programme requirements
  • Craftsmanship & perceived quality
  • Optimised user experience for special applications
  • Design For Manufacture, Integration & Assembly

Capabilities and Experience

  • Creative concept generation in support of the Design Studio
  • Highly proactive design issue resolution and surface development
  • Detailed technical feasibility analysis of all key products, technologies and processes
  • Manage the development of the concept to meet targets and specifications
  • Create new specifications for emerging markets and new product introduction
  • Use of advanced CAE techniques to validate 3D geometry, delivering a higher proportion of ‘right first time’ design
  • Cut & sew design and development including creation of prototype parts for assessment
  • Design for safety, quality and Manufacture and Assembly

The Interiors team at EAD have experiencing in working at various different OEMs and 1st Tier Suppliers within the Automotive Industry. We have valuable knowledge and experience in delivering;

  • High and Low volume vehicles
  • Low cost and luxury vehicle segments
  • Compact vehicles through to large SUV and commercial vehicles
  • New product innovations


TX eCity

  • Full interior developed from concept through to final production on a very tight timescale
  • Low tooling and facilities investment
  • Lean but versatile engineering team
  • High safety performance achieved


  • Interior developed to maximise carryover content from the TX eCity and minimise new investment
  • Lightweight design delivery to maximise payload
  • Optimised load area to consider users' needs