At Emerald, our Body Exteriors team has a broad range of engineers spanning many automotive sectors. With experience of high-volume but a specialism in low-medium volume being a niche that has been delivered in the current range of products for LEVC.

Our group covers:

  • Studio engineering – virtual and physical clay models, setting gap and flush requirements and critical section creation
  • Exterior panels and closure systems designed for both composite and metal solutions
  • Bumper systems for RRIM and injection moulded volumes
  • All other exterior body systems such as panels, sealing systems, glass, brightware, wipers, washers, mirrors, etc.

Our team focus on having a “no material or process restrictions” approach, ensuring the correct solution for the volume and market positioning.


Capabilities and Experience

  • Material and process selection for specialist and lower volume applications
  • Advanced composite manufacturing materials and processes (thermoplastics and thermosets) including visual and structural carbon fibre applications
  • Cutting edge manufacturing and assembly techniques
  • Use of analysis and simulation to cut design and development timescales
  • Quality engineering processes
  • Legal and safety compliance requirements
  • Tolerance concept and dimensional management


  • t-001 van project used a low-volume composite solution for very low investment, using a wrapped surface to achieve quality requirements
  • TX eCity uses a mixed material solution to achieve competitive quality at relatively low investment
  • New LCV product based on TX demonstrates the flexibility of the architecture for rapid delivery of derivatives
  • 35DV low volume, low investment robust solution delivered from concept to customer in only 12 months
  • R&D activities to develop ‘right material, right place’. Currently looking at thermoplastic technologies and non-adhesive joining mixed material