The t-001 offers a whole new capability in the delivery van sector. It offers the fleet operator a cost effective solution to the problem of achieving low CO2 without increasing running costs.

  • Predicted cost for vehicle fueling reduced from 50 cents per mile to 8 cents per mile based on typical fleet usage and European economics
  • An all new, lightweight, range extended electric vehicle (E-REV) offering a cost effective solution for low CO2
  • Capable of up to 66 miles range in pure EV mode
  • CO2 emissions of 40g/km over first 100 miles
  • Will offer a 400+ mile range and full life, cost per mile less than current diesel or gasoline vehicles
  • A medium size van with a payload of 1400kg (3000lb) and  3050kg GVW (6710lb) developed for European and US markets
  • Available in SWB Standard Roof and LWB High Roof versions
  • The lightweight technologies used in the construction allow a significant benefit over conversions of existing vehicles
  • Going into production in 2014 and will be built in the USA
  • Offers reduction in CO2 with no premium over life time costs, compared to a standard vehicle
  • Advanced PHEV series hybrid drive train with intelligent control

Please read terms and conditions for warranty and limitations.